Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting Outfitted

Our first outing to the LRR (Local Running Retailer)

As we began increasing our miles it became apparent that what we were purchasing willy-nilly in the big box and sporting retailer stores was not going to cut it.  Our first trip to our LRR resulted in us walking out with jackets (with removable sleeves!), headbands, hats, gloves, leggings, socks and shoes.  Maybe there was a shirt or two included, too!

Jackets:  Let's just focus on jackets for now (although we're rocking those headbands in both the over and under hair techniques, right?).  The Pacific NW has beautiful views, amazing scenery... and weather that can change in a heartbeat.  So, when you're heading out on a run that will last an hour or more, you have no idea what you'll encounter along the way.  The beauty of the two jackets that Katie and I purchased (with guidance from our LRR expert) is that they both transition into vests.  I chose my jacket based on color (black and PINK!!!) and they matched my shoes (at least I was fit properly for those shoes, which just so happened to fit my favorite color schemes).  Katie liked the color of hers, also - a great lime green.  Here's a quick pro/con of each of the jackets:

Katie - Sugoi's Versa Jacket (Lime Green)
  • Magnets hold the sleeves in place - making for an easy on/off while in mid-run
  • 2 comfortable zip pockets in front and one large zip pocket in rear (for storing your sleeves when you've removed them
  • Water and wind resistant
  • Reflective piping and markings
  • Womans fit is a snug fit through the hip area if you buy true to size
 Kerianne - Nike's Shifter Jacket (Black vest with Pink sleeves)
  • Zip off sleeves
  • 2 large zip pockets in front and one in rear (for storing your sleeves when you've removed them
  • Water and wind resistant
  • Minimal reflective markings 
  • Longer length in back is nice for rainy weather 
So.... after a few months we realized that Katie won out on this purchase.  Primarily the problem was the laundry.  While the Sugoi can be thrown into the washer with no problems, the Nike had quite a few small sections of velcro which held a small flap in place that covered the zippers for the sleeves.  When washing the jacket the velcro inevitably would come undone and then stick to other items in the wash or to delicates sections of the vest itself.  The top back is all mesh and that area quickly became riddled with pulls and snags from the velcro.  In addition to all this, having to zip on and off the sleeves really meant you needed to decide before a run if you were going to wear a vest or jacket that day or you'd be looking at a full stop during your run to remove it all and fumble with small zippers.  

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Race Shirt: To Wear or Not to Wear

Race for the Roses -  My First Race!!!
 AKA:  What Not To Wear...
April 11, 2010

Ran this race with my good friends and co-workers, Katie & Shauna.  It was a first race for all of us, and we had a lot of fun (as you can tell from the photos) but really... we had no idea what to wear!  At that time I was clueless of the "Race T-Shirt Etiquette" (see #4) and we all proudly dressed in our race shirts that morning, along with me strapping my iPhone to my arm and Katie preparing to be stranded out there with a hydration pack. LOL

Here is our goofy "warm-up" photo (yes, we were cowering inside before the race):
And our post-race group photo...  note the pink cheeks matching the pink roses (all runners received a rose after crossing the finish line... :)

So.... where do you stand as far as Race T-Shirt Etiquette?!?!?  To wear or not to wear...?