Sunday, March 13, 2011

Shamrock 5K - March 13, 2011 - Race Recap

Race Review: Shamrock 5K

I went for a run with 30,000+ of my best friends today - with most of us decked out in our Shamrock green finery!  It was a typical rainy and windy day in Portland but spirits were high and lots of money was raised for the Doernbecher Children's Hospital Foundation.

The race is so packed with participants that even with wave starts you will not be getting a PR here - I felt a bit like a cow being herded for at least the first 1/2 of the race.  Instead of racing this one, plan to run with a friend and take time to look around at what everyone else is wearing.  Trust me, I may look all decked out in my greenery above, but my ensemble was very tame compared to many runners!  Think full-on leprechaun suits, red beards, humongous green bow ties, tall foam hats that look like mugs of beer... you get the idea. 

Shauna decided to go with her college colors and skip the green but we added a few touches on her anyway (doubt that Shamrock perched on the tip of her hat made it even a mile into the race).  I was hesitant to wear a running skirt, but they are so adorable and comfortable. I couldn't help myself.  The cotton tee was cute, too and since I've never had any issues with chafing and wore a sports tank beneath I was sure I'd be fine (and I was).

The Shamrock Run is the second largest race in Portland, OR.  The 5k course is a nice course - primarily flat with a good short (1/2 mile) hill at the end - and this is the only event I know of that holds separate events for 5k runners and 5k walkers.  The 8k course is pretty similar with the same hill.  The 15k?  That's the race where you climb the BIG hill in Portland.  Up Terwiliger! Two category 5 elevation increases = 550 feet of elevation over the race.  The beauty?  A nice fast downhill finish.  I'm saving that race for another year...  ;)