Thursday, June 28, 2012

About Me

Welcome to Fastanista!  Yes, it is primarily a tongue-in-cheek name, but admit it... most of us have fun dressing up for a run or especially - a race.  It's just fun!  Plus, there's just something about the swish of a running skirt against my legs as I make the turn into a finishing chute that makes me run faster.  :)
Kerianne Christie, Vancouver USA Marathon 2012
My First Full Marathon!!!

So... what will this blog include?  I'm excited to share my running experiences with you - training, race recaps, trends, product reviews, etc.

About me....
I grew up on the east coast (Long Island, NY) but moved to the Pacific NW for graduate school and have been out here since 2010.  I live on the side of a mountain in Washington (the state) just across the river from Portland, Oregon.
I'm slightly over 40.
I'm a Teacher of the Deaf and work with children birth-to-age-three and their families.
I'm crafty and enjoy working on projects - sewing, scrapbooking, mosaics, jewelry, etc - as well as baking - recently I've learned how to make cheese and took a series of cake decorating classes.
I'm always open to learning something new (see above!).
I'm a bit of a shopaholic.
I'm a list-maker and a planner, but I also like to be flexible.
I like to smile.  A lot. :D

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