Saturday, February 26, 2011

RaceCenter Expo and Product Review: The Stick

Attended my very first RaceCenter expo today!  First we went for a group run with Foot Traffic University and then the expo was held at the Foot Traffic NE store.  Lots of races were represented - a little overwhelming for us newbies but we found a few great deals and registered for a couple of races!!!!  Eeek!!!

Yes, that's a new face with us!  Our friend, Gretchen joined us for the group run!

This is an annual event so if you missed it this year be sure to attend next year!

Product Review:  The Stick
 After we all had a great time testing out "The Stick" I decided that I definitely needed one so purchased their 24" version (called The Body Stick) and brought it home.  Although you do need a couple of helping hands to get your back rolled (see below for recommended usage), it works GREAT on tight calves and hamstrings.  Keep in mind, The Stick is made of hard pvc-type pegs stacked onto a non-flexible stick with a handle on either end.  This is made for deep pressure, so primarily to be used with mid to larger sized muscles.  Running it up and down my sensitive shins brought a shiver to my spine.  Digging deep into my hamstring brought that weird kind of GOOD pain.  The size makes it nice to tuck into my duffel bag and always have on hand.  There are a few different sizes with varying degrees of flexibility.  Do some research before purchasing one, but do buy one and keep it around - you'll find yourself using it more than you think you will.  

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